Located at V. Anore St. Sitio Tutubo Mahabang Parang, Binangonan Rizal, owned by the Pumarada family Pumarada Resort was built and made during May 2004 with the purpose of the owner to make it their vacation place. It was just a Rest house at first. A perfect vacation place with enough rooms, houses for the family members, and with two swimming pools. Adding up with its good facilities were exquisite and beautiful scenery and overlooking view of the city which made the place a perfect and relaxing vacation place. The place was exclusively used by the Pumarada family members.

But because of its exquisite beauty and attractive location, the residents and neighbors nearby discovered the Resort. They asked permission from the owner if they can enjoy and experience as well the place when the family isn’t around. The owner, being kindhearted and generous, gave his consent and so the people kept on coming from then on.Little by little, as time goes by, people suggested to the caretakers to develop the place into a Resort so that many people can enjoy the place while having the owner making profit out of it.

The personnel gathered all of these opinions and eventually forwarded this to the owner. And so, they decide to develop the place into a Resort. They built more cottages and improve the facilities as well as the place.


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